como advanced™ 20cm Griddle Pan

como advanced™ 20cm Griddle Pan como advanced™ 20cm Griddle Pan
como advanced™ 20cm Griddle Pan

como advanced™ 20cm Griddle Pan

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(not suitable for Induction)
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Enjoy the fabulous flavour of an outdoor grill with the ease of cooking on your stove top! Being square and straight-sides this handy pan doesn’t waste a millimetre of space, comfortably fitting two large steaks. 

  • Ribbed surface drains fat away from food for healthier eating 
  • Extra-thick base and walls feature an alloy core which heats rapidly and evenly, reducing the risk over overcooking and burning 
  • Non-stick surface guaranteed for the life of the pan makes it a breeze to clean time after time
  • Stainless steel riveted handle 

Suitable for oven gas and electric stove tops (not suitable for induction cooking)

2L Capacity / 20cm2 x 5.4cm (H) x 37.5cm (L with handle)  





About como advanced™ 

como advanced™ cookware is the star of the Chefs Toolbox product range and was conceived and designed in Australia by Chefs Toolbox founder and avid home cook, David Mills. 

como advanced™ is modelled on the very best commercial cookware – fast and even heat conduction, hardwearing, solid construction and reliable performance - and then tweaked to meet the needs of the home cook - lightweight, easy to clean, versatile and affordable.

The ultimate test for como advanced™ products is when we put them to work in our own kitchens. We test and tweak and test again until the product meets – and exceeds – our expectations, and only then will we give the nod for production to begin. 

Here’s what you can expect from your como advanced™ cookware:

  • Triple-coating of the most advance non-stick technology 
    • Any food residue - including starch and burn residue – effortlessly wipes away
    • The pan washes up like new after each wash
    • Coating lasts the life of the pan
  • Hard-anodised exterior with stain resistant coating  
    • Tougher than steel
    • Oil and splashes wash away without staining
    • Sleek with its stylish matte finish 
  • Versatility
    • Every product is design to be multi-purpose
    • Use in the oven as well as all types of stoves tops, including induction  
  • Professionally riveted Stainless Steel handles on all pans and lids
    • We’ve never known a handle on any of our products to break or detach 
    • Solid stainless steel is slow to heat and oven-safe
  • 10 Year Warranty on Workmanship


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