Mixed Spice

Mixed Spice Mixed Spice
Mixed Spice

Mixed Spice

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Perfect for all your Chistmas baking - cakes, puddings, breads.
Bake up your favourite Spiced Christmas cake, puddings, breads and much more!

All natural, no added gluten, no fillers - only pure spices.
Ingredients: cinnamom, coriander, nutmeg, allspice, ginger, clovers & cardamom

Our Meal Inspirations Range
70g per pack easily makes 4-6 meals.
When we set out to create a range of meal solutions, we had some very strict requirements. We wanted:
only pure, real spices without additives, preservatives or fillers; and
to help you easily create meals full of authentic flavour.
Our new Meal Inspirations spice blends bring you a quick, healthy, creative way to cook fantastic meals which your
family and friends will love!

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